Woman discovers she’s been saying ‘chest of drawers’ wrong – and she’s not alone

Almost all of us will have stories about words or phrases that we mispronounced as a child.

I for one used to have to sing the Robbie Williams hit to be able to say millennium properly, while a friend thought the boneless cut of chicken was a “chicken rest”, and I’m still the butt of the joke in my family when it comes to place names including Bognor Regis and Dunstable.

But a woman on social media has admitted she spent 23 years thinking that she was correct in the way she referred to a chest of drawers – only for her mum to finally correct her when she was furniture hunting for her new house.

The woman, who wished to remain anonymous, said she blamed her Bristolian parents for the mishap because she had misheard their pronunciation throughout her life and had only realised her mistake after attempting to search for the item on Google and finding very few results.

In a video posted to her TikTok account, she said: “23 years is a long time to be getting something wrong. Yet nobody’s ever pulled me up on it. I think this is because I’m super Bristolian and my parents are really Bristolian, and that’s where I got it from.

“So, when I was 23, I moved into my first house with my partner. We were furnishing it and just looking around to see what we could find. But there was one item that I literally could not find anywhere. I was Googling it and a few things that were similar were coming up but just not what I was after. So I gave my mum a call.

“I say, ‘Mum, I’m looking for this’ and she was like, ‘okay, can you say that again?’ So I said it slower. And she just burst into laughter.”

The young woman then realised her error when her mum burst out laughing – because instead of saying “chest of drawers”, she had spent more than 20 years calling the furniture item “Chester drawers”.

She added: “She said, ‘you’re saying it wrong’.

“What I was saying to her is ‘Mum, I need to I can’t find Chester drawers anywhere. Like they don’t exist online. Is that what they’re called? Or is it something else?’. She was still laughing and I was like, ‘What is so funny?’

“She’s like ‘can you just say that slower?’, and I say ‘Yes, Chester drawers’. She was like, ‘Oh, honey, they’re not Chester drawers. They’re a chest of drawers.’

“I’d never heard this before my entire life. For 23 years I’ve been calling chest of drawers, Chester drawers. Oh my gosh. And as soon as I Google chest of drawers, loads came up obviously.”

But the woman isn’t alone in her mistake, as several other people took to the comments to let her know that they used to do exactly the same thing.

One person said: “I was the same. You’re not alone.”

As another added: “Bristolian here! Completely get this.”

While a third wrote: “I was 33 years old! I’m glad I’m not the only one.”