Mum bans kids from ex’s wedding unless she’s invited – but she ‘hates’ the bride

Co-parenting once you’ve been through a breakup or divorce isn’t always easy, and it can be especially difficult to navigate when you or your ex decides to re-marry.

But one mum has demanded she receives an invite to her ex-husband’s second wedding and is refusing to let their two children attend if she doesn’t get one – even though she isn’t fond of his new partner.

The mum-of-two has said her children, who are aged 13 and 10, are due to be “junior bridesmaids” for their dad’s fiancée and are “really excited” about being involved in the ceremony.

However, the mum is threatening to make them stay at home unless she can come to the wedding as well, despite admitting she “can’t stand” her ex’s partner, Ava.

In a Reddit post, she said: “I have two kids with my ex. My ex and his partner of 6 years, Ava, are getting married in three weeks and my kids are meant to be junior bridesmaids for Ava. My kids are really excited about being in the wedding and have loved picking out dresses and hairstyles.

“I can’t stand her Ava. I feel that she often tries to mother my kids when they are staying with them and her family constantly refers to them as their grandchildren. My kids even call them Nana and Pop.

“Ava also doesn’t back me up on issues that I have with my ex when it comes to the kids, and won’t answer my calls or texts unless the kids are at their dad’s. Aside from that, she ignores me because ‘she shouldn’t get in the middle of parenting issues’.

“She also refuses to be alone with me when we do the drop-off and pick-up. When I demanded to know why she said it’s because I make her uncomfortable as I’m always running down my ex and talking about all the crap things he did in our relationship.

“I found out I am not invited to the wedding, but I assumed I was at least invited because my kids were involved. When I got upset, my ex said he was going to get photos done of just the kids and I could have a couple, but that he didn’t want me there.

“I’m pretty angry about that considering I should be invited at least to the ceremony. I’m thinking of telling my ex and Ava that I don’t want my kids to be at their wedding unless I’m there.”

The mum also later edited the post to say she wants an invite because her children have never been to a wedding before, and she wants to see them “dressed up and happy”.

She added: “My kids have never been to a wedding. And I know I can’t stand the bride but I was excited to see my kids all dressed up and happy. They have talked non-stop about their dresses and hair and I wanted to be a part of that.

“I wouldn’t have done or said anything to make a disruption, I just wanted to see my kids.”

Commenters on the Reddit post claimed the mum was being “entitled” to demand an invite to her ex-husband’s wedding, especially after threatening to not allow her children to attend.

One person said: “They’re your ex’s kids too. And you’re not invited to the wedding because you clearly hate the bride.”

While another added: “Quite frankly you already are the a**hole. An entitled one to boot. Why on earth would you expect to be invited to your ex’s wedding? Get over yourself. They, quite reasonably, don’t want you there for obvious reasons. Do you ever stop to think about anyone other than your own ego?”

And a third wrote: “Don’t punish your kids because you’re jealous that they’re building a relationship with their future stepmum and her family.”